Foods To Spice up Your Love Life

Foods To Spice up Your Love Life

2 February, 2016

Candlelit room with lavender scent and roses petals all over your room doesn’t spice up your sex life any longer? How about a sexy lingerie from Victoria Secret that your partner wears? Still nah uh? What if you watch a very good porn movie, does it make you crave for an actual action? Still no? Okay, so maybe you need something to spice up your game, to make you feel that lust again. Tried considering eating some aphrodisiac food to spice up your game? I know you’ve been searching on what you can eat to improve your sex life and believe me, I am here to help you out.

After days on searching and searching on what are the effective ways to spice up your “Love Life” I came across a topic where somebody asked someone if Oysters are really effective aphrodisiac, and it had me thinking, is it just oysters that can help you spice up your sex life? I don’t believe so. So I spent the whole weekend just reading articles and researching on what food you can eat to help you crave for lust. Now, here it goes. These are the most effective and helpful edible thing that you can eat to spice up your game. And believe me when I say that it can really help you (I tried some myself and it was really effective!)



This is the most famous aphrodisiac of all time. Oysters are the food that you absolutely have to eat to improve your sex life. Experts say oysters produce high level of zinc and apparently zinc has a vital role in both testosterone and oestrogen that can help both men and women improve their sex drive. And who doesn’t want to improve their sex drive? Apparently those who haven’t had sex yet.

So a quick tip: Make sure to order oysters for your appetizer when you’re on a date, just to spice up your game a little bit with the help of the oysters.


Like seriously? Almonds? Who would have guessed? “Almonds can help my sex life?” that was my first question when I read an article about Almonds. And no doubt it can really help you with your sex life. Studies show that almonds produce a high level of zinc as well, vitamin E and selenium which can help enhance libido. And guess what? I’ve hoarded all the almonds in the grocery store right after I read that article about almonds.

Quick tip: Have some almond when you are out drinking with your date, or just buy some almonds for your snack when watching movies. Who knows, you might even want to do it inside the cinema. (Doing it inside the cinema is a crazy idea but definitely worth the try)



This is getting interesting huh? After eating almonds why not eat chocolate? Good balance diet right? Well I know for sure that 80% of women love chocolates and they would be pleased if you buy them one. So how does cacao can help your sex life? Well centuries ago it was known that Aztecs drink extensive amounts of chocolate to boost sexual stamina chocolate contains the chemicals phenyl ethylamine and serotonin, both naturally occurring substances in the body that arouse the feeling of euphoria and love. 

Want some tip? Dip your Almonds into a melted chocolate. Or why not just buy chocolate coated almonds? (Definitely a must try)



Spice up your sex life with spices! That’s right; you know what they say about chilli? “It’s hot!” Okay I’m sorry, that is a terrible joke. But seriously spicing up your food by putting some chillies in it will help you with your sex life. Want to know the reason why? Eating chilli peppers can increase your heart rate, raise your body temperature, and make you feel invigorated (It will also make you feel HOT!). Some says that right after consuming chilli, they claim to feel mild feeling of euphoria.

Quick tip: Just put chillies in everything you eat if you want to feel hot. HA!


Coffee helps you stay up and energized. Coffee is a good stimulant to help with energy and it also increases blood flow by raising the heart beat. This aphrodisiac can help put women in the mood for sex. So increased energy and appetite for sex? Oh come on! Give me a large amount of coffee please?

Here is some tip: No budget for fancy dinner date? Why not try coffee date to increase energy and do some quickie right after.


Some may scream in excitement when they’ll learn that strawberries can help their sex life. Upon researching, strawberries also contain zinc, vitamin c and potassium which can help enhance some in-between-the-sheets action.

Quick Tip: Like with the almonds, do the same for strawberries, dip it in melted chocolate to double the excitement.


This fruit is also a well-known aphrodisiac way back during Aztec days and still today.Interesting fact is avocado tree is called ahuacuatl or “testicle tree” because of the way the fruit hangs in pairs. Avocados come with a lot of nutrients which are beta carotene, magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium, Vitamin B6, and protein. So basically this fruit can help you boost your overall stamina and immunity.

Quick Tip: Try to make some Avocado shake when you just want to beat the heat.



Watery, juicy and tasty! Watermelon is a great fruit to spice up your sex life. This fruit was recently referred to as ‘natural viagra’. Watermelon is loaded with citruline which can help with your blood flow and dilation. Also it is high in water content so it will help you stay hydrated while you’re in action.

Tip? No tip! Just eat the freaking watermelon!


There you have it. These are the foods that you can eat if you want to spice up your sex life. Now that you have an idea on what food you can eat to spice up your love game, make sure to share it to other human being that needs help.

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