Best Nude Selfies of 2015

Best Nude Selfies of 2015

16 January, 2016

Votes have been casted for the hottest nude selfies for 2015! We held an online voting where members of can nominate and vote their favorite nude selfies in 2015. We got a hundred of votes from different members but we only chose to pick only 10 members with the highest votes.



Number 1 Snapfuck member nude selfie

10. Busty Sheniqua

Total Votes Earned: 457

As it states on her profile, Sheniqua is very adventurous and loves to cliff dive. She is looking for someone who can also enjoy her adventurous side.

Best nude seflies from snapfuck

9. No Face Angel

Total Votes Earned: 488

Alright, so yes, her user name is NOT No Face Angel but c’mon her selfie pic does not have a face! Anyways, with face or without she was still voted as one of the hottest nude selfie of 2015. Can you blame the members who voted for her? I mean just look at that hot immaculate body! She just deserve our number 9 spot.

Angel has very little information on her profile but she indicates that she would love to have some casual kinky stuff whenever she is online!

8. MishBabe14

Total Votes Earned: 529

A total babe indeed! Just seeing that slim figure and that young looking face makes our heart beat fast. Mish deserved the votes that she earned for taking this selfie. As indicated on her profile, she loves to cook and seeking for men who loves to eat. (As long as they know how to eat, not just the meat.)

7. AndreaAndy

Total Votes Earned: 603

Not just she love hanging on the beach but she is a professional surfer! Andrea is not your ordinary girl; she is sporty and a bit boyish as she said on her profile. She like hanging out at the beach, surfing (not just the internet) and having drinks with strangers. Now, don’t you want to have a drink or two with this hot chic?  

6. NotYourOrdinaryJane

Total Votes Earned: 641

Yes! She really is not your ordinary Jane! So we guess that her name is Jane and we have no idea if that is her real name or not. (We couldn’t care less; she can definitely rock any name she wants to use) She just took a selfie of her angelic face and her bum and it gained a lot of likes on She is one of the most famous members in Jane is a freelance model and she is indeed making her way up into the modeling world.

5. Margarita

Total Votes Earned: 648

The Naked Fairy that is what we call her. Hot babe from Columbia who loves chatting on her free time. Margarita wants to practice her English by chatting with different men from around the world, she also indicates on her profile that she would like to learn different languages. Who is up for teaching?

4. Miss Anne

Total Votes Earned: 677

You can never go wrong with a naked mirror selfie! Ann made the right shot with the right angle showing all that has to be shown. Anne is a full time yoga instructor in New York City. Just imagine all the positions she can do.

3. OhSweetChloe

Total Votes Earned: 683

Just-got-off-the-shower selfie is one of the most popular selfie in the internet world. Who can blame you for taking a selfie of your hot bare body if you just showered? Of course you are feeling fresh and vibrant. Would you believe that Chloe took this selfie in girl’s locker room? Well, we just think that she did because it says on her profile that she is still in college.

2. Natalia Mia

Total Votes Earned: 705

Another naked mirror selfie on our list! Natalia does not enjoy sweet messages; she likes it hard and straight forward. She focuses on flirting with married men and that is her fetish. She said on her profile that she is not looking for something serious but just plain kinky fun.

1. Destiny Karma

Total Votes Earned: 723

And the top one Hottest Nude Selfie of 2015 goes to Destiny! Who wouldn’t vote on this selfie? Destiny knows how to pleasure herself without any help. All she need is someone who can spice up her imagination and viola, she can manage the rest. Destiny is not just looking for men to chat with but also women. No wonder she landed our number one spot.


So that was the 10 Hottest Naked Selfies voted by the members of These girls and thousands more are active members on and you will have the previlage and chance to talk to these girls not just one but as many as you can.

All you have to do is to go to and sign up to become a member, easy as 1 2 3. What are you waiting for? Sign up and start having fun!


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